SEOmoz is the world’s most popular provider of SEO software. Their easy to use tools and tutorials make search engine optimization accessible to everyone. SEOmoz home offices in Seattle, WA serve as the base of operations, but mozzers are frequently found globetrotting across the planet, speaking at conferences & participating in local events. They have participated in search events in more than 15 countries since 2007. The company’s goal is to provide exceptional software and education to businesses, individuals, non-profits and government organizations so they can best leverage the unique reach of the Internet to increase visibility and achieve success.


SEO Book
SEO Book offers search engine optimization training, tools, and information to help businesses grow website traffic from organic search. The SEO Book Training Program consists of over 100 cross referencing online training modules that allow you to learn SEO one piece at a time. Many modules also include how to videos and other bonuses like spreadsheets of common keyword modifiers and an example of aligning keyword research data with site structure and on page optimization. As a value added service, they also offer an exclusive community forum where hundreds of webmasters offer each other helpful advice to build their websites and profits.


SpyFu, originally GoogSpy, is a search analytics company which shows the keywords that websites buy on Google Adwords as well as the keywords that websites are showing up for within search results. The service also gives cost per click and search volume statistics on keywords and uses that data to approximate what websites are spending on advertising. Historical advertising budgets offered by SpyFu also help advertisers project what an advertising campaign will cost in the future. The main value proposition is to see or to “spy on” the keywords that competitors use and improve SEM and SEO strategies based on those.


AdGooroo is the leading provider of advertising intelligence to search engine marketers. Its proprietary technology tracks all search advertising activity in any given industry, empowering sophisticated agencies and advertisers with competitors’ keywords, ad copy, campaign statistics, daily alerts, and other information needed to generate the highest possible return on advertising investment.



Google’s External Keyword Tool
Google’s External Keyword Tool is a great resource to get a feel for a new niche and for good keywords to use in that niche. You can type in a less specific keyword and it will return you a whole list of more specific keywords. You can also type in the URL of a website and Google’s tool will tell you what keywords it “sees” that website optimized for.




AdWords Traffic Estimator
AdWords Traffic Estimator automatically provides you with a predicted keyword state, search volume, average cost-per-click, and ad positions for each of your keywords. You can also choose to see estimates with an unlimited budget, which will add on two new sets of estimates: potential clicks per day and potential cost per day.