Reputation Management

When potential customers search your company name on Google, are they seeing too many negative reviews of your products or services?
Would you like to have more positive results on the first page of Google?

What Is Reputation Management?

One of the most common methods used today to review the legitimacy of a company and their products is to do a simple search on the web and evaluate the results. Without a doubt there are thousands of potential customers using the web to find out more about your company. Negative articles, forum posts and other comments about your business may be costing you a dramatic loss in revenue and brand reputation.

Our goal is to move negative citations down and increase the number of positive citations in top 10 search results of your company/business. We do this by managing your online profiles and by participating in discussions and reviews on Internet Yellow Pages, listing websites and other local websites.

Components of Reputation Management

What We Do

Online Profile Management

We will first compile a list of relevant websites for listing your business. We will then search for your existing profile on the websites and claim the listings if found. We will check the listed information about your website and business name and update the profiles if any discrepancy is found. We will also request the websites to remove multiple listings of your business. And we will create new profiles for your company on websites where existing listings were not found.

Online Review Management

Most Internet Yellow Pages and other local websites allow consumers to post reviews about listed businesses. We will reply to any review or comment related to your company and, if any negative comments or reviews about you are found, we will discuss with you and reply appropriately to subdue its effects. Typically, a company will have many positive reviews on lesser-known sites and a few negative comments on high-profile sites. We will collect the legitimate, positive reviews and re-post them correctly, to ensure that your reputation is shielded and even enhanced.

We will also scan the social networks like Twitter and Facebook for mentions and comments about your company and website. For detailed Social Media Marketing plans, please visit our Social Media.

Monitoring and Status Reports

Reputation management is an ongoing activity and we will continually monitor the user generated content – reviews, comments and mentions about your company name and website. Action can typically be taken within 48 hours of a negative mention, and a comprehensive report will be sent to you every week.

How Much Does It Cost?

As with all our packages, cost is highly dependent on each individual situation. Search Engine Optimist takes a custom approach to every client, laying out a road map for what it takes to achieve our goals. We then set a price based on the level of engagement required to fix your online reputation. Our lower packages start at approximately $500, and our highest packages may be up to $3000+.

Our reputation management plans involve creating and managing your profile on non-paid websites. For listing on paid sites, the incidental costs will be borne by the client.