Microsoft Advertising Accredited ProfessionalWhy PPC?

PPC (Pay Per Click) is the fastest way to bring potential customers to your website.

PPC advertising is effective because it matches searchers who are looking for what your business has to offer. You can see increases in traffic and sales within as little as one week for a fraction of what it costs to place ads in conventional media like Yellow Pages, newspaper, magazines, trade-journals, television and radio. PPC advertisement campaigns can be designed in a way to target consumers from a particular geographic area. Therefore, local SEO coupled with PPC advertisement is an optimal internet marketing solution for small businesses.

SEO = Long term traffic
PPC = Customers today


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Tailoring a PPC campaign means more than just writing up ad text. Continue reading to see how we can help you get your PPC off the ground and more targeted traffic to your site!


Steps To A Successful PPC Campaign:

Researched Keyword List

After understanding your business and your target audience, we will prepare a well researched keyword list. We consider factors like search trends and geographic targeting to ensure ads shown are relevant to searches.

Website Evaluation and Optimized Landing Page

We understand that the importance of relevance of keywords on your website with targeted keywords. We will evaluate your existing website and advise your website administrator on creating optimized landing pages.

Campaign Creation

After keyword lists and optimized pages are prepared, we will create advertisement campaigns on your preferred advertising network, typically Google Adwords. Call-tracking is an option with PPC and is the preferred method of tracking ROI. Contact for details.

Continual Monitoring and Reporting

After setup, we will use aggressive bid management combined with your own feedback as to campaign effectiveness, and post-sale surveys of your satisfied customers to determine the optimal keywords, advertisements and bids. A/B testing of ads and alternate keywords will continue to drive costs down & clicks up.

We will continually monitor the effectiveness of the PPC campaign and change as required to ensure that you get high ROI. Comprehensive reports will be sent to you every week.

How Much Does PPC Cost?

Our initial PPC plan will incorporate cost estimates & suggested budgets for your custom campaign. However, actual costs will vary due to the actual bidding process. Accurate cost should be determined within a week. Most small business clients see ROI gains of 400-1000% for investments of $30-100 a day. One major advantage of a PPC campaign is that it can be easily turned off when a firm has enough business & switched back on when times are slow.