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Kent is the 6th largest city in Washington with a population of 119,100.  With over 4,500 businesses and approximately 78,000 jobs, Kent is conveniently located 18 miles from both Seattle and Tacoma, with quick and easy access to I-5, State Route 167 and other major highways.  With affordable land and low developmental costs, it’s the home of corporate headquarters for REI, Oberto Sausage, and Seattle Bicycle Supply.

Kent’s economy has always been strong being the historic home for Boeing Defense and the former headquarters for Boeing Information, Space & Defense Systems.  With recent installments of the contemporary, open-air urban village Kent Station, and multi-purpose Showare Center to draw events to the area, Kent’s economy is on the rise and will continue to grow.  But with economic growth, also comes more competition, which makes it harder and harder for businesses to stand out from the crowd.

Let’s face it, traditional mass media advertising techniques such as newspapers, magazines, and radio just aren’t cutting it anymore.  In this new day and age, when someone wants more information on something they turn to the Internet, more specifically via search engines.  Over 80% of viewers who are actively looking for a service, product, or information use search engines.  That’s why it is critical to be able to show up on the first page of search results to catch the attention of potential consumers.  This is where Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, comes in.  SEO is the process of improving visibility of a website in a search engine’s search results.  Not only does SEO improve visibility, but also brings in targeted traffic, by using the keywords you have chosen.

This is where we come in: Search Engine Optimist is a Kent SEO company that specializes in ROI-focused SEO for small and medium-sized businesses.  We will create a custom campaign for your business to increase traffic to your website and increase your sales.  Click here for a comprehensive website evaluation, which will examine the current state of your website’s presence.  Once we understand all aspects of your competitive position on the Internet and can compare your current results to those of your competitors, we will come up with a Kent SEO service plan that will allow you to make intelligent decisions and best spend your limited marketing budget.

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